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Mixing Pails, Grout Bag & Sponge

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
17355 QUART MULTI-MIX PAIL w/HANDLE24/ctn.13 lbs.
174010 QUART MULTI-MIX PAIL w/HANDLE12/ctn.13 lbs.
17522 1/2 QUART METAL PAIL36/ctn.20 lbs.
17555 QUART METAL PAIL24/ctn.20 lbs.

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
17211 QUART MULTI-MIX CONTAINER300/ctn.25 lbs.
17252 1/2 QUART MULTI-MIX CONTAINER100/ctn.19 lbs.
17305 QUART MULTI-MIX CONTAINER108/ctn.31 lbs.

5 and 2 Gallon Buckets
Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
17015 GALLON PLASTIC PAIL240/skid550 lbs.
17055 GALLON PLASTIC LID - easy off60/ctn.23 lbs.
17085 GALLON PLASTIC LID - HD/gasket48/ctn.30 lbs.
17102 GALLON PLASTIC PAIL400/skid350 lbs.
17152 GALLON PLASTIC LID60/ctn.18 lbs.

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
1760Plastic Pail Lid Opener12/ctn2 lbs.
Designed for 5 gal. plastic buckets. Makes removing the lid easy

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
2305Grout Bag, Blue Tip15 lbs.
Made of reinforced vinyl, with 5/16" tip and large end approx. 12" across. Approximately 23 1/2" long.

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
2315Tile/Masonry Sponge105 lbs.
Made of Special Polyester Foam to hold more water than regular sponges, resists shredding and tearing, Tile and Grout jobs wipe up clean. Approx. 7 1/2" X 5 1/4" X 2" thick