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Tarps and Tie Downs

Product No.DescriptionMaster CartonMaster Weight
6308108 X 10 Blue Poly Tarp20/ctn.27 lbs/ctn.
63101210 X 12 Blue Poly Tarp15/ctn.30 lbs/ctn.
63102010 X 20 Blue Poly Tarp8/ctn.25 lbs/ctn.
63121612 X 16 Blue Poly Tarp8/ctn.26 lbs/ctn.
63122012 X 20 Blue Poly Tarp7/ctn.29 lbs/ctn.
63162016 X 20 Blue Poly Tarp5/ctn.25 lbs/ctn.
63202020 X 20 Blue Poly Tarp4/ctn.26 lbs/ctn.
63203020 X 30 Blue Poly Tarp2/ctn.19 lbs/ctn.
63204020 X 40 Blue Poly Tarp2/ctn.27 lbs/ctn.
63304030 X 40 Blue Poly Tarp1/ctn.19 lbs/ctn.
633050 30 X 50 Blue Poly Tarp 1/ctn.28 lbs/ctn.
634060 40 X 60 Blue Poly Tarp 1/ctn.44 lbs/ctn.
Blue Polyethlyene woven, All weather, Multipurpose, 8 X 8 weave per quare inch, Polypropolene rope in hem, Aluminum grommets in corners and every three feet along each side, Can be ordered in individual tarps as well as cases
Product No.DescriptionMaster CartonMaster Weight
66406040 X 60 Heavy Duty Green/Silver1/ctn.70 lbs/ctn.
Green/Silver Polyethylene woven, All Weather, Multipurpose, 12 x 12 weave per square inch, Polypropolene rope in hem, Silver side reflects UV rays. Aluminum Groments in corners and every 1.5 feet along each side, Can be ordered in individual tarps as well as cases.

Bungie Cords
Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
294015" Rubber Tie Down10/bag2 lbs.
294521" Rubber Tie Down10/bag3 lbs.
295031" Rubber Tie Down10/bag4 lbs.
  • Made with formula combining natural and synthetic rubber producing a stronger more durable strecth strap
  • Reinforced molded hook inserts
  • Galvanized steel s-hook at each end