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Safety Equipment

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
1910White Helmet, 6 pt., nylon suspension, ratchet20/case16 lbs.
1920Blue Helmet, 6 pt., nylon suspension, ratchet20/case16 lbs.
High density polyethlylene shell. Meets Z89.1-2003 standard, type 1, class C, G, and E.
Universal accessory slots for Ear Muffs and Chin Straps. Cushioned brow pad.

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
2318LWhite Coverall, w/Hood and Boots, Large25/ctn.8 lbs.
2318XLWhite Coverall, w/Hood and Boots, XL25/ctn.8 lbs.
2318XXLWhite Coverall, w/Hood and Boots, XXL25/ctn.8 lbs.
Constructed with three layers of Polypropolene material. One layer of meltblown polypropolene is sandwiched between two layers of SpunbondedPolypropolene. Has outstanding abrasion resistance. Provides protection from non-hazardous liquids and particulates. Coveralls have serged seams, zippper closure, elastic waist, wrist and ankles, attached hood and boots.
Applications: Asbestos abatement, food processing, painting, tank cleaning, mold remediation
2322LBlue Non-Skid, Shoe Cover, Large, 50 per box4/case8 lbs.

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
2350YYellow Pennant Flags10/ctn12 lbs.
2350RRed Pennant Flags10/ctn12 lbs.
2350RYRed & Yellow Pennant Flags10/ctn12 lbs.
Used for perimeter marking, 100 feet long

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
1048Ear Plugs, Foam, NNR 32 dB, 200/box10/ctn10 lbs.
1048CEar Plugs, Foam, Corded, NNR 32 dB, 100/box20/ctn20 lbs.
Disposable Foam Ear plugs, Universal size, Packed 1 pair per poly bag, bulk packed in a dispense box.
Soft comfortable foam polyurethane that expands to fit snugly within the ear canal. Tapered design allows for easy insertion/removal. The bright orange color makes compliance checks easy.
Tested in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974 and European Standard EN 352-2.2002

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
10420CAUTION barricade tape, 300 ft. roll16/ctn.10 lbs.
10425CAUTION barricade tape, 1000 ft. roll12/ctn.23 lbs.

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
10430DANGER barricade tape, 1000 ft. roll12/ctn.23 lbs.

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
4810LRain Suit, 3 Piece, .35MM-Large1033 lbs.
4810XLRain Suit, 3 Piece, .35MM-XLarge1035 lbs.
48102XLRain Suit, 3 Piece, .35MM-2XLarge1036 lbs.
48103XLRain Suit, 3 Piece, .35MM-3XLarge1036 lbs.
48104XLRain Suit, 3 Piece, .35MM-4XLarge1040 lbs.
Made with 0.35 mm PVC/Polyester Fabric. Has detatchable hood and Courduroy collar. Ventalated Cape Back and underarms. Large flapped pockets. Bib overals have storm fly front with zipper/snap buttons and suspenders. High Visability Yellow
4820Rain Poncho 1 Piece .1mm PVC50/case26 lbs.

Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
48012PVC Slush Boot Size 12630 lbs.
48013PVC Slush Boot Size 13631 lbs.
48014PVC Slush Boot Size 14631 lbs.
48015PVC Slush Boot Size 15631 lbs.
48016PVC Slush Boot Size 16632 lbs.
48017PVC Slush Boot Size 17632 lbs.
48018PVC Slush Boot Size 18633 lbs.
PVC Slush Boots, High Visibility yellow upper with black ribbed sole, Cotton lined, 17'' size, over shoe style. Top strap and buckle adjustment. Normally boots are ordered one size larger than your regular shoe size. CAN BE ORDERED IN CASES OR PAIRS.