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Product No.DescriptionPackPack Weight
29602" X 60 yds DUCT TAPE, contractor grade 8 mil waterproof and weather resistant, high tensile strength, the ideal multi-purpose tape24/ctn.35 lbs.
29701" X 60 yds MASKING TAPE36/ctn.16 lbs.
29762" X 60 yds MASKING TAPE, recomended for light duty applications, good adhesion and holding power24/ctn.17 lbs.
29801" X 60 yds PRO-MASK blue painter's tape24/ctn.10 lbs.
29862" X 60 yds PRO-MASK blue painter's tape, high quality blue tape with a special adhesive that provides clean removability even from glass that has been left in direct sunlight for 14 days, excellent UV resistance12/ctn.10 lbs.
30702" X 60 yds POLYMASK
red vinyl masking tape, ideal for stucco installation, UV resistant, use in Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), excellent for use on glass and wood
24/ctn.30 lbs.